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Whether your company requires tax assistance due to an acquisition, audit, ERP system implementation, increased workload associated with tax compliance or desires to outsource all or a portion of the tax function, Steele Consulting’s highly competent tax professionals are prepared to serve your company in a variety of capacities and at competitive rates. We are proud to present their resumes, which they continue to build by serving Fortune 1000 and mid-sized clients in a variety of industries (e.g., restaurant, financial, manufacturing, etc.).

Why Steele?

We deliver excellent results. The depth and breadth of our consultants allow us to make an immediate impact as we work to solve your tax issues.  We will quickly become your trusted business advisor.

Whether your corporate tax goals involve ASC 740 tax accounting calculations and documentation, Tax Reform readiness, Tax technology, automation and data analytic implementation and advisory services, or transactional and integration tax work, our consultants are ready to make an immediate impact to help propel you forward to achieve your goals.

Akta Patel

Ann Ruotsalainen, CPA

Betsy Baker, CPA

Carly Maltese, CPA

Cindy Brown, CPA

Chris Connolly, CPA

Christy Thurman

Debbie Lenz Clark, CPA

Felicia Little, CPA

Holly Welborn, CPA

Jennifer Williams

Katie Jordan, CPA

Katy Tippin, CPA

Kendra Harris, CPA

Kimberly Symons, CPA

Leigh Alberici, CPA

Marie Crawford, CPA

Melissa Kragel

Miki Swanson

Susan Brown, CPA

Shalonda Graham, CPA

Sharon Hall, CPA

Virna Alvarez, MBA

Yusra Najam, CPA

Holly Wise, CPA

Vera Quatela Kuhs, CPA

Hassana Younes, CPA

Sue Treppa, CPA

Daniel Johnson, CPA

Desiree Harkins

Helen Winslow, CPA

Jacqueline Hanes, CPA

Jessie Foster

Karissa Cost, CPA

Monica Sasser

Olga Alvarado, CPA

Staci Richardson, CPA

Stephanie Stephan Wilson

Zerene Reyes, CPA

Grace Chen, CPA

Lorna Toyota, CPA - Inactive

Matt Phillips

Use our experienced tax professionals when you need them, at an exceptional value.