About Steele

Steele Consulting LLC is a national tax consulting firm founded in 2005
providing companies with assistance from credentialed,
experienced consultants having a high degree of technical tax proficiency.
Steele’s goal is to be the premier provider of tax consultants,
who specialize in US taxation, for large private and publicly traded companies.

Our Mission

Steele handles your tax department’s needs no matter how big or small. Our firm is full of distinguished and experienced consultants that deliver results immediately allowing you to regain focus on what’s ahead so you can accomplish more, stay in control, and spend less due to our exceptional pricing.

Our Culture

Steele Consulting’s foundation is built around our consultant’s work-life balance. We believe that our employees should be celebrated for their esteemed reputation in the industry. We’re proud to be represented by diverse backgrounds that all hold the same core values— work hard, play hard, and most importantly, maintaining autonomy of your schedule.

Work With Us

If you have a strong desire to work with a firm that is dedicated to your needs and have 10+ years of experience then we might be the right fit for you. Steele is always looking for world-class talent and have multiple options to help you find your work-life balance.

Use our experienced tax professionals when you need them, at an exceptional value.