Steele handles your tax needs so you can accomplish more, stay in control, and spend less.

Are public accounting firms too expensive for long term projects?

Those firms are just big 4 reasons to consider Steele.

Tired of training inexperienced or temporary associates?

Allow Steele’s professionals to contribute immediately.

Does your overworked tax department have headcount challenges?

Steele allows your department to expand as needed.

Is corporate growth exciting for everyone except your tax team?

Steele lets you focus on growth while we focus on the upkeep.

Worried about employee turnover?

Let Steele help until you find your next employee.

How can we help your business?

Whether you need assistance with ASC 740 tax accounting calculations and documentation, Tax Reform readiness, Tax technology, automation and data analytic implementation and advisory services, or transactional and integration tax work, our experienced consultants are ready to make an immediate impact to help propel you forward to achieve your goals.

Why Choose Our Experts

We deliver excellent results. The depth and breadth of our consultants allow us to make an immediate impact as we work solve your tax issues.  We will quickly become your trusted business advisor.

Work at Steele Consulting

Steele Consulting is always looking for outstanding professionals that are committed to providing exceptional client service.  We recruit only the best consultants with prominent reputations in their respective market. The positive and supportive culture at Steele Consulting LLC makes our firm a “best place” to work.

Use our experienced tax professionals when you need them, at an exceptional value.