John Tran

John Tran is an experienced tax professional with significant expertise in International, Federal & State Compliance and Tax Accounting in various industries, primarily banking.  He has over 15 years of experience, having worked closely with operations, finance and outside auditors.  Some specific examples of John’s experience include:

International Tax

  • Computing E&P and preparing and reviewing U.S. tax workpapers and returns for international entities, including Forms 5471, 8865, and 8858.
  • Overseeing international compliance and issue resolution for 500+ entities, including CFCs, CFPs, PFICs and disregarded entities, including tax issues such as Subpart F Income, foreign sourcing, transfer pricing, reorganizations, etc.
  • Leading year-round tax planning projects to better utilize foreign tax credits and manage repatriation of earnings to the US.


  • Coordinating and reviewing Federal consolidation forms 1120 and related forms in OneSource Income Tax software & CorpTax for a worldwide, multi-billion dollar bank.
  • Overseeing the compliance of 1000+ State & Local Franchise/ Income Tax filings in 39 states for REITS, Corporations, Partnerships, QRSs and DLLCs (250 prepared in-house; 750 outsourced)
  • Reviewing unitary, combined and separate State workpapers and returns.
  • Leading state apportionment projects based on Cost of Performance and Market Based Sourcing

Tax Accounting/Audits

  • Preparing and reviewing monthly provision for separate entities and the consolidated group under both US GAAP and IFRS
  • Working with the provision team to implement return-to-provision adjustments and changes due to audits and amendments.
  • Working closely with the audit group on IDRs and E&P roll-forwards and analyses.


John earned his undergraduate degree in accounting from University at Albany, State University of New York.