Janete Wong, CPA

Janete Wong’s services utilize her significant experience with global and domestic tax accounting, international tax compliance, and federal and state tax compliance. She has practiced at large publicly traded companies and Big 4 public accounting firms for more than 13 years. Janete’s expertise covers all aspects of the global tax provision process. She is also experienced in federal, state, and international tax compliance and general tax planning designed to minimize overall tax liability. To help you further evaluate her abilities, the following is a list of recent roles and services Janete has performed:

  1. Tax Accounting: Janete has substantial experience preparing and reviewing calculations for international and domestic income tax provisions. She is knowledgeable in tax accounting subject matters including valuation allowance analysis, FIN 48 (ASC 740) and related interest, APB 23, tax accounting for share based comp under FAS 123R (ASC 718), Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and disclosures, SEC and non-SEC reporting, foreign entity basis, effective tax rates, discrete items, permanently reinvested earnings, provision to return analysis, and deferred taxes computation.
  2. International Tax Compliance: Janete has experience preparing and reviewing foreign tax forms such as Form 5471s, Form 8858s, and Form 1118s for large consolidated groups, including the use of Corptax for preparation, as well as specialized calculations including Sec. 987 foreign exchange gain/loss, Sec. 956 inventory inclusion, Subpart F, tax pools, and earning and profit analysis.
  3. Federal and State Tax Compliance: Janete has completed projects which consisted of preparation and review of corporate Federal, state and local income tax returns for large multinational and mid-size corporations. In addition to preparing returns, Janete has served in roles managing the return preparation process, training staff, reviewing returns, and researching and documenting tax positions.
  4. Project Management: Janete has been involved in a number of projects that demonstrate her project management skills and her ability to work within a corporate tax environment. These projects include establishing deliverables and deadlines for quarterly and year-end tax provision, integration of foreign entities post acquisition and managing people and processes, while coordinating with internal and external contacts to complete the project and meet objectives.

Recent Employers

Janete was most recently employed with Cisco Systems as a Tax Manager of Global Tax and Customs.


Janete is a licensed CPA in the state of California and she obtained her Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley.