Sharon L. Hall, CPA

Sharon L. Hall has been a tax professional for over 30 years focusing on Tax Accounting, ASC 740-10 (FIN48) and US federal and State Compliance. Her experience in corporate tax departments, both large and small, and Big 4 firms enables her to quickly integrate into a corporate tax environment and to partner with other departments and stakeholders. To help you further evaluate her abilities, here is a listing of Sharon’s experience:

  1. Tax Accounting: Sharon has provided tax accounting assistance and oversight. She has established a tax calendar and delegated tasks among the tax accounting team, prepared and reviewed M-1 items, prepared tax footnote and supporting workpapers, supervised staff throughout the year-end process and assisted with the long-range plan.  Sharon worked with the redesign and documentation of the income tax provision process, development of a the SOX narrative, creation of an ‘inventory of Ms’ containing documentation of the company’s book-tax differences.  Sharon has helped to automate a substantial portion of the annual provision and deferred tax balance proofs, and the annual return-to-provision analysis
  2. ASC 740-10 (FIN48): Sharon has reviewed legislative, judicial, and accounting developments for potential tax opportunity or exposure. She has evaluated and implemented necessary procedural or systems changes.
  3. Tax Compliance: Sharon has supervised US federal, Canadian, and state income tax compliance, including preparation of federal tax return workpapers, review of schedule M-1 items, review of federal proforma, subconsolidated and consolidated returns, and researched and documented tax positions.
  4. Exam Support: Sharon has worked with other departments and consultants to gather information and respond to Canadian, IRS and state audits, financial audits, and bankruptcy claims.
  5. Tax Leadership: Sharon has reviewed contracts (acquisition, disposition, financing, and non-standard commercial agreements) to understand evaluate the tax impact. She has provided tax due diligence, planning and review. Additionally, Sharon has supported operations and financial statement reporting through issue analysis, research, and review of policies, budgets and project models for tax implications or requirements.  Sharon has reviewed GST, sales, excise, income tax returns for due diligence.


Sharon’s recent engagements include Sabre, Shaw Industries, and WestRock.


Sharon earned her Masters of Accountancy, Tax Option and Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting from the University of Georgia, Athens, GA.