Katy Tippin, CPA

Katy Tippin, CPA

Katy has worked as a tax professional for over 15 years focusing on ASC 740 tax accounting and federal and state tax compliance.  She has practiced at large multi-national corporations and Big 4 public accounting firms, providing her with extensive, hands-on experience and an excellent understanding of a corporate tax department’s processes and procedures. Specifically, Katy has the following experience:

  1. Tax Accounting: Katy’s experience includes preparing and reviewing federal, state and foreign calculations for annual and interim income tax provisions; including preparing and reviewing workpapers to support deferred tax account balances, preparing and reviewing monthly tax accounting entries and tax account reconciliations, federal and state provision to return true-up analysis, and Federal and state payable analysis. Katy has also been responsible for gathering evidence to support SOX and internal tax department controls and assisting with computations and supporting documentation for tax footnote disclosures.  In addition, Katy has experience using excel and OneSource Tax Provision (“OTP’) for annual and interim reporting.
  2. Federal, State, and International Compliance: Katy’s experience includes the preparation and review of corporate federal and state income tax returns for large multinational and mid-size corporations, as well as assisting with the implementation of federal and state tax return processes.  With respect to international compliance, she has prepared forms 5471 and 8858, including current year E&P calculations.  Additionally, her experience includes research and documentation of federal and state tax positions.  Katy has experience using OneSource Income Tax (“OIT”) and Corptax compliance software.
  3. Management of Federal and State Audits: Katy’s experience includes coordinating with IRS and state agencies, assisting with the planning of the audit and gathering information to satisfy audit requests, and preparing formal communications for IRS and state audits.
  4. Opening Balance Sheets / Mergers & Acquisitions: Katy has assisted in the calculation of opening deferred tax assets/liabilities with respect to book and tax basis differences acquired, as well as recording opening balance sheet deferred tax entries.  During her time in industry, Katy worked with the M&A team on projects related to acquisition companies, including preparing pre-acquisition returns and other integration processes.
  5. Project Management Services: Katy has been involved in a number of projects, which demonstrate her project management skills and her ability to work within a corporate tax environment. These projects include supervising tax staff, working on significant tax issues and managing external tax preparers.

Previous Employers

Prior to joining Steele Consulting LLC, Katy worked at Arthur Andersen LLP, Deloitte & Touche LLP, SunTrust Bank and Cisco Systems, Inc.


Katy earned her Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Accounting from Georgia State University.