Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams has been a tax professional for over 20 years focusing in the State income tax area. Her strong project management ability has enabled her to implement tax processes and procedures to improve efficiency and generate significant tax savings. To help you further evaluate her abilities, the following list includes projects/services that Jennifer has performed:

  1. Federal and State tax compliance: Jennifer has prepared and reviewed Federal tax returns, quarterly estimated tax payments and extension calculations for various business units. Additionally, Jennifer has managed the State income tax compliance process, including review of apportionment calculations, filing methodologies and complex consolidated returns.
  2. State Audit Defense: Jennifer has effectively managed numerous state income tax audits. This activity included coordinating with various state income tax auditors, research and analysis of the technical issues, development of an audit plan and strategy, and communication and written responses to information document requests. Jennifer has successfully defended various tax positions, including positions based on P.L. 86-272 and non-business income positions.
  3. Project management: Jennifer has been involved in a number of projects that demonstrate her project management skills and ability to work within a corporate tax environment. In addition to collaborating with compliance groups to facilitate software implementations, Jennifer has directed associates in the preparation of state income tax returns, and managed various aspects of the state tax provision process, including effective tax rates, valuation allowances and payable account roll forwards.

Recent Employers

Jennifer has over 20 years of tax experience. Her former employers include: Gentiva Health Services, The Wendy’s Company, and SunTrust.


Jennifer earned her B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting from Niagara University.