State and Local Tax Services

State Tax Compliance

Our compliance services include state and local tax return preparation and/or review, revenue agent report adjustment compliance outsourcing, state apportionment evaluation, FIN 48 compliance process assistance, voluntary disclosure agreements and research and analysis related to unique state tax issues.

Audit Assistance

Steele Consulting has personnel with years of experience in administering state and local tax audits and can help you work through them efficiently. We can handle the audit from start to finish or we can consult with you at any stage of the audit. Our services in this area include:

  • Pre-examination assessment
  • State tax examination assistance, including:
    • Work with auditors throughout the exam process
    • Research and analysis of complex issues
    • Scenario modeling to assess potential exam outcome
    • Review of audit before agreeing to the final assessment

Credits and Incentives

Whether a company is in a net operating loss or a taxable position , there are a variety of state and local credits and incentives that may be applicable. Most states offer tax credits or grants for the following common triggering events:

  • Opening new facilities in a state or expanding existing facilities
  • Increasing capital expenditures
  • Increasing employment
  • Training employees
  • Employee retention
  • Incurring research and development costs

Steele Consulting is positioned to assist our clients in the following areas:

  • Statutory Credits and Incentives – We conduct a comprehensive state-by-state review to determine credits that may apply as a result of your company expanding its operations in a state, hiring new employees, training employees, conducting research and development, increasing capital expenditures, etc. States often offer enhanced benefits for capital expenditures related to sustainability initiatives, including pollution control equipment and solar/alternative energies. We review opportunities for income tax credits and incentives as well as non-income tax credits and incentives opportunities such as property tax abatements or sales tax credits and exemptions.
  • Training Grants – Many states offer cash reimbursements to help offset the cost of training your employees. These grants, offered for qualified training programs, are often available regardless of whether the company is in a taxable or tax loss position.
  • Negotiated Credits and Incentives Review – We can review your existing negotiated incentive agreements to determine whether you are maximizing your benefits under the agreement or in danger of triggering any claw-back provisions.

State Tax Planning – Project Management

Most of our clients have reduced headcount in their tax departments making it difficult to execute tax planning opportunities without compromising the tax department’s day-to-day activities. Steele Consulting LLC can provide you with individuals who have former Big 4 experience leading and implementing state tax planning projects. In addition we can assist you with scenario modeling to determine viable options and identification of potential state tax issues prior to triggering the state tax planning project.

Sales and Use Tax

Sales and use tax laws include special exemptions, elections and exceptions that vary by state. Managing a company’s sales and use tax liability becomes increasingly complex for companies that conduct business in multiple industries. In addition, the subtle nuances of a business transaction often impact the taxability of the transaction. Steele Consulting will review your situation and apply our knowledge of the tax law to address all of your sales and use tax issues. Our services include:

  • Audit management, defense, appeals and private letter rulings
  • Nexus reviews
  • Legal document review to determine taxability of various components of a company’s sales and purchasing contracts
  • Taxability matrixes of sales and/or purchase transactions
  • Assistance with voluntary disclosure agreements