Robin Cubbage

Robin has extensive experience with Federal, State and International tax accounting, compliance and planning, audit defense, M&A, and project management. Robin has directed, managed and prepared most areas of direct and indirect corporate taxes. To help you further evaluate her abilities, the following is a list of recent roles and services Robin has performed:

  1. Tax Leadership as Director: Robin was responsible for the management and direction of all aspects of compliance and planning for Federal, State, and International income tax; tax accounting; audit defense; and developing and implementing processes.
  2. Tax Compliance: Robin has extensive experience with Federal, State, and International tax, including large multi-entity consolidated Federal returns, single, combined and worldwide State returns, local statutory and US reporting for multiple foreign jurisdictions, and researching and documenting tax positions.
  3. Tax Accounting: Robin’s experience includes preparing and reviewing domestic and foreign income tax provisions, deferred tax accounts, tax account reconciliations, effective tax rate calculations and reconciliations, provision to return true-ups, rate forecasting, uncertain tax positions, monitoring law changes, assisting with corporate annual report footnotes, purchase accounting, and cash flows & forecasting.
  4. International Taxation: Robin has broad and extensive experience with international tax, including coordination with local country statutory providers, transfer pricing, business operations, and other key departments in an environment of multiple entities and global jurisdictions. Her experience also includes US reporting, earnings and profits studies, tax pools, SubPart F, IRC Section 956, and preparing and reviewing US forms 5471, 8858, and 1118. Further experience includes evaluating permanent establishment exposures and non-resident filing requirements.
  5. Mergers and Acquisitions: During her time in industry, Robin worked with the M&A team on projects related to acquisition companies from due diligence to acquisition integration phases. She has extensive experience with all tax aspects of acquisition integration, including purchase accounting, and reorganizations.
  6. Audit Defense: : Robin’s experience includes full management of Federal and State audits; assistance with foreign local country audits, negotiating settlements, communication & written support of tax positions, and documentation as required for uncertain positions.
  7. Sales & Use and Property Tax: Robin has experience with direction of indirect tax compliance, ensuring sales & use and property tax software modules resulted in accurate tax treatment of transactions. In addition, Robin has experience analyzing various transactional taxes that could be triggered as a result of a corporate reorganization.
  8. Research and Experimentation Federal and State Tax Credit Studies: Robin has managed the process for large research and experimentation tax credit projects including interviewing company personnel, coordinating with corporate departments to obtain necessary data, analyzing data, and preparing the supporting documentation.
  9. State Tax Credits: Robin has documented, and obtained state approval where applicable, for credits including R&D, jobs credits, and retraining credits.
  10. Project Management: Robin’s strong project management skills have been applied to large, multi-year state amended return projects following Federal changes, research projects, and various special projects requiring collaboration with other departments and outside service providers.

Recent Employers

Robin has over 20 years of tax experience. Her former employers include CISCO Systems, Inc., Scientific-Atlanta, Inc., The Coca Cola Company, and First Data Corporation.


Robin is a graduate of the University of Georgia.