Paige McKinley, CPA

Paige McKinley has over 25 years of experience as a tax professional. Her experience includes that of a tax director, leading the mergers and acquisition function, Federal income tax research and planning function, and the state and local income tax research and planning activities for a Fortune 100 company. To help you further evaluate her abilities, the following list includes projects and services that Paige has performed:

  1. Mergers and Acquisitions: Participated in every phase of her company’s merger, acquisition, divestiture, and joint venture activities. She determined tax optimal structures, reviewed target valuation and pricing assumptions, researched tax planning ideas, and determined cash tax impacts and financial accounting treatment. She also planned, supervised, and performed tax due diligence; reviewed and provided input into letters of intent and definitive agreements; and directed post acquisition assimilation and appraisal activities.
  2. Tax Research, Compliance and Tax Accounting: Managed the group responsible for income tax research, planning, compliance, and tax accounting for multiple entities. She also researched tax issues, implemented tax planning ideas, oversaw and reviewed income tax returns, reviewed monthly income tax accruals and annual budgets, and researched ASC 740 tax and purchase accounting issues.
  3. International Tax: Performed international merger and acquisition work and tax research and compliance for a multi-billion dollar multi-national corporation.
  4. Consolidations: Researched and provided guidance on federal and state tax and accounting issues for the consolidated group. She also coordinated consolidated tax compliance and prepared tax related footnotes for U.S. GAAP financial statements.

Prior Engagements

Prior to joining Steele Consulting in 2007, Paige worked at BellSouth Corporation, AmSouth Corporation, and Arthur Young & Company.


Paige is a graduate of Auburn University.