Elizabeth “Betsy” Baker, CPA

Betsy Baker has over 20 years of Tax Accounting, Compliance, Audits and Planning experience in a variety of industries. She has implemented tax initiatives while working with operations and finance, and she has managed extensive projects, including coordination with internal and external team members.  Betsy enjoys solving issues in the tax department, including technical issues and ensuring that the tax department is working hand in hand with other departments within the company.  To help you further evaluate her abilities, Betsy has performed the following:

    1. Tax Accounting:  Betsy has extensive experience managing the income tax accounting annual and interim provision process utilizing OneSource Tax Provision software.  She has been responsible for the financial reporting of income taxes included in the annual, quarterly and other SEC filings.   Betsy has managed the Federal uncertain tax position,  “ASC 740-10”, calculations and documentation, including the impact of legislation and tax law changes.  She has worked with corporate staff to identify uncertain tax positions and the recording/reporting of quarterly uncertain tax position changes.  Additionally, Betsy implemented and managed the SOX internal controls governing the accounting for income taxes.
    2. International Tax:  Betsy has reviewed quarterly and annual foreign income tax provisions and return to provision calculations prepared in accordance with U.S. GAAP.  Additionally, Betsy has prepared Forms 5471 and 8865 utilizing OneSource compliance software.  She has prepared and reviewed E&P calculations, prepared tax reform workplans and worked with an outside accounting firm to calculate transition tax and GILTI.
    3. Compliance / Special Projects:  Betsy has extensive experience managing the preparation and review of federal and state corporate and partnership compliance, utilizing a combination of internal and external advisors for a Fortune 500 multinational group.  Betsy has also managed special projects including, E&P studies, R&D and Sec. 199 projects.
    4. Mergers & Acquisitions:  During her time in industry, Betsy was actively involved in acquisitions from due diligence to integration, including analyses of transaction costs and other issues with reverse acquisition rules.
    5. Audit Defense:  Betsy has a strong understanding of IRS practice and procedure.  Her experience encompasses managing the IRS income tax audit and assessment.
    6. Indirect Tax:  Betsy has served as an advisor to the Accounts Receivable and Payable departments to ensure sales and use tax items were treated correctly.  She has assisted with payroll and sales and use tax audits.  Additionally, she has implemented procedures for accruing use tax and preparing indirect tax returns across corporate functions.
    7. Business Processes:  Betsy has worked closely with income tax accounting and international team leads to identify issues and determine proper income tax accounting and tax return treatment of such issues.


Most recently, Betsy served as a Tax Director at IQVIA  (formerly Quintiles IMS), a Fortune 500 multi-national life sciences group located in Durham, NC.  Betsy also has Big 4 experience with Deloitte and PWC.


Betsy earned her undergraduate degree in accounting from Louisiana Tech University and her Master’s of Business Administration with a focus in Tax and Finance from The University of Texas at Austin.   She maintains a Massachusetts CPA license.