Vera Kuhs, Atlanta Managing Director

Vera is a Managing Director at Steele Consulting with over 11 years’ experience in International, U.S. Federal and State & Local tax matters. Previously serving as the International Tax and Special Projects Director at a large multi-national technology firm, Vera has hands-on experience implementing cross-border M&A tax planning strategies involving Intellectual Property, Operating, and Financing structures to reduce a Company’s effective tax rate. In addition, Vera has significant experience in ASC 740 reporting for a publicly-traded company, with a focus on international tax issues including APB 23, U.S. tax reform, and inversion considerations.

During her time in industry, Vera worked on company-wide projects including the execution and integration of large-scale acquisitions, dispositions and legal entity simplification initiatives. Additionally, Vera served as the Direct and Indirect Tax lead on a cross-functional ERP implementation project, to ensure the Tax function’s business requirements were achieved.

Prior to her tenure at a publicly-traded technology firm, Vera worked at PwC providing large multi-national clients with tax consulting, provision and compliance services. Regularly, Vera served as a long-term loan staff for her clients, with a focus on tax provision and compliance projects. Additionally, she completed a tour in PwC’s Global Compliance Services group where she assisted clients by implementing technology to manage their global income tax, indirect tax and statutory financial statement compliance requirements.